Looking after your new carpet

As with any product your carpet will need to be carefully maintained in order to prolong its life expectancy and retain its appearance.

A little care and attention will prolong the life of a new carpet and help it keep its new appearance. It is recommended that you carry out the following:

  1. Vacuuming is most important.
  2. Immediate action should be taken to clean up spillages.
  3. Professional carpet cleaners should be used in the case of serious accident/spillage or when heavy soiling is involved.


Daily vacuuming using a well serviced upright cleaner which incorporates a beater bar/brush head is highly recommended. Vacuuming should begin immediately the carpet has been laid. Daily vacuuming is essential to remove dirt and grit, preventing it from collecting at the base of the tufts where it would act as an abrasive contributing factor to premature wear.

Stain Treatment

When spillages or accidents happen immediate action is required to minimise the damage. Always mop up excess liquid with plenty of tissue, cloth or sponge. Never rub or scrub too vigorously as this may distort the texture of the pile.

Protection from fading

Fading or loss of colour can occur if the carpet is continuously subjected to strong sunlight. Light protection in the form of blinds or curtains is essential in all sun facing rooms.